Smile Designing Service in St Kilda

Smile Designing Service in St Kilda

Smile Designing Service in St Kilda

Have You Heard About Smile Designing? Know More

Smile Designing is a cosmetic dentistry treatment which is helpful to improve your appearance through different dental procedures like dental veneers, bonding, tooth whitening and teeth implants.

Generally, these procedures are chosen by people facing problems like tooth decaying, tooth loosening, discoloration or stains, and bacterial plaque.

Who need to avail the smile designing treatments?

Smile design treatments are a lot useful for the people facing dental problems like tooth decaying, tooth loosening, plaque or gum problems.

Given to such problems, a lot of people tend to lose on their self esteem and confidence regarding their appearance. However, a smile designing treatment can help them in regaining the lost confidence and in redefining their appearance.

Here is a list of treatments which are included in smile designing procedures-

  1. Porcelain veneers and tooth whitening- These smile designing procedures help your dentist to negate the uneven gaps between your teeth and restore the teeth which are chipped or discolored.
  1. Dental bonding This dental treatment refers to applying composite materials on the surface of your tooth. It helps you to align crooked teeth and enhance your appearance.
  1. Dental bridge– Dental bridges are helpful in bridging the unwanted and uneven gaps in between your teeth. They enhance your appearance and also enhance your smile.

Other than the basic treatments given above, there are also a few advance treatments which can improve your smile and appearance.  Some of these advanced treatments are listed below-

  1. Laser gum pigmentation– This dental treatment can be helpful for those who are suffering from the gum bleeding or having dark patches on their gums. This advance technology removes the stains and lightens the dark patches from your gums. This helps you to make your gums look clean and healthy.
  1. 3M essential crowns– In this treatment, the dentist will fit ceramic metal free Zirconia crowns and bridges on your teeth. This treatment is generally suggested in case you need tooth restoration or strengthening.

Do smile designing procedures have any side effects?

Smile designing procedures are completely safe and do not include any side effects. By maintaining regular dental hygiene, you can stay assured about your dental health.

Are there any post-treatment measures for smile designing?

As there are no side effects of a smile designing procedure, there are no significant post treatment measures to be taken. However, some people might go through minor discomfort or sensitivity in their gums. Hence, dentist recommends you to maintain good oral hygiene.

Also, in order to gain best results you need to ensure that you consult with the best dental clinic. At Chapel Gate Dental Clinic, we offer reliable smile design services in order to enhance your appearance and redefine your smile.

So, to know more about us, schedule an appointment with us and consult with our expert dentists.

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