Forget Your Worries with Pay Later Services

It can be a real hassle to do the whole payment upfront in a single instalment and hence we offer Afterpay services. With Afterpay, there is no need to pay the whole amount in one go but rather one can pay in four fortnightly instalments.

All the payments are interest-free when you pay on time there is nothing to worry about. The process is fairly simple with sign-up required for Afterpay and a booking that needs to be made with Chapel Gate Dental and then one can split the payment into four equal fortnightly instalments.

What are the requirements of Afterpay Service?

  • The process for Afterpay is quite simple and there are not too many complexities. Also there is no charge to use Afterpay there is no upfront fees.
  • One desiring to use or avail Afterpay services must be at least 18 years old.
  • One will need to provide a valid ID that is verifiable for availing Afterpay.
  • One needs to use Australian bank payment card for availing Afterpay services.
  • Afterpay needs one to be able to enter into a legally binding contract for using the services.
  • Also, the individual needs to use valid and verifiable phone number and email address for availing the services.

What Other Information One Needs to Know?

  • The only fees that one needs to incur are the late fees when one does not pay on time the instalment payments. If a person’s amount for instalment is not processed and one does pay after being notified of the same through a different payment method then also one will incur late fees.
  • Also, for all the purchases made through Afterpay, there is an approval process and hence not all the orders are approved. Afterpay is striving for responsible spending of the customers purchasing through them.
  • The fund for the first instalment is required when the purchase is made and hence one needs to have the requisite funds as Afterpay will debit the amount from the nominated card.
  • The available spend limit is decided by Afterpay and varies for different customers and depends on many factors like new or existing customers, current orders with After pay, etc.

How to Use Afterpay When You Visit Us?

  • Book your visit with our dental clinic and download the Afterpay app for availing the services of Afterpay.
  • You can check the limit available before visiting the clinic.
  • After coming to the clinic for treatment you can pay through the phone by tapping and holding phone to the reader for paying the first instalment.
  • After the payment is approved the schedule for paying the remaining amount is displayed.
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